Children (Birth-5th Grade)


Children (Birth-5th Grade)

Why we do what we do in Children's Ministry:

We embrace that God has designed parents to be primary in passing the faith down to their children. Our goal is to partner with parents, provide resources for parents, and provide opportunities for their children to learn about Jesus, encounter Jesus, and follow Him in their everyday lives.

Aspects of Children's Ministry:

  • Partnering with parents as they teach their kids to follow Jesus
  • Providing Resources for families with children
  • Encouraging families to be an integrated part of the faith community
  • Providing kids with the chance to serve others at an early age

Regular Activities:

Sunday School

Christian Education is a priority for us. God’s word is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Through the story of God found in scripture we learn who He is and what He’s done. We also see how He has used people throughout time, as part of His story. The amazing thing is that we get to be part of that same big story. Our goal in Sunday School is for kids to become familiar and comfortable with scripture. We want them to learn who God is, and see how the Biblical truths in His words still apply to our lives today.

We use a station rotational model, called Spark. Which means that we focus on a lesson for 5 to 6  weeks, but we teach it using a different approach each week. Our stations are: cooking, Bible skills and games, art, the movie station, science, drama and music.

Parent Day: Throughout the year we have special days where we ask parents to join their students for the duration of Sunday School. This helps you get a good feel for what they are learning, and get to know our Sunday School volunteers. 

Sunday School Opening: We ask parents to join us at 10:05- 10:15 for Sunday School Opening, in the large classroom in the ed. wing. 

We focus on these things:

Learning to bless our kids using scripture
Sharing our God sightings
Learning to pray out loud
Seeing how God’s truths still apply to us
Providing families with take home resources to build the faith throughout the week.
Helping to teach parents the skills to spiritually lead their children

Kids for Christ (K.F.C.)

Kids For Christ: K.F.C. is a parent driven ministry, for families with 1st-5th graders. We meet once a month. We have lunch together and rotate between service projects, and fellowship events.

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