Our Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors

Good Shepherd is govered by the Board of Directors which are elected and appointed as leaders to guide the decision making for our church.

Pastor- Ted Moeller

President- Susan Jarrett

Vice President - Vance Ablott

Treasurer - Janet Martin

Secretary - Rob Aguilar

Preschool Director - Krista Moore

Preschool - Heidi Wahlstrom/Lisa Hergert

Director of Christian Ed & Family Ministry - Sara Eustice-Brown

Education - Scott Friedrich

Youth Representative - Anna Berfanger

Music- Kylie Johnson

Communications - Tim Brown

Inreach - Jean Lambert

Properties - Randy Philbrook

Members at Large - Tom Salisbury, Cheryl Snodgrass, Steve Rafoth, Dan Wahlstrom, June Berfanger, Howard Lortz, and Larry Froberg.