Our Facility


Our Facility

Properties Committee

Our property committee is responsible for

  • The scheduling use of our facility
  • The upkeep of both grounds, and the buildings
  • Acquisition, and disposition of all inventory

Chair contact

Randy Philbrook

Email /

Land #  360-944-7339

Cell # 360-356-2548

Sacristy Project









This year we decided to expand the storage area behind the sanctuary to 24x26 in size. Unfortunately, hiring out became to expensive. Therefore we went to volunteer driven labor on the structure, and saved roughly $50,000. After several months of construction we are near the finish line.

I would like to thank many volunteers:

Doug Ball, Brandon Bier, Jim Boyd, Morgan Boyd, Roland Brosius, Gene Botteger, Chris Gallagan, Doug Hail, James Hergert, Kyle Jarrett, Corky McGrew, Eric Nelson, Greg Philbrook, Randy Philbrook, Sean Philbrook, Bill Preston, Dave Raab, Darrel Rast, Dell Schomberg, Dan Wahlstrom, Doug Warner, Ryan & Jesse Watson, Gene Wirth.